Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Problem Solved

I was able to build a new wireless bridge. I was given a Linksys WRT54G2 router that "didn't work". These don't have a setting to run in bridged mode, but the firmware can be replaced with the open source firmware from (This firmware has far more features than the one that Cisco provides!)

Next I removed it from its shell and placed it in a surplus NEMA box. The antennas were simply hot-glued on to the circuit board. Working great!


Jon Ezrine said...

Great Blog. I'm in the process of building out my own aquaponics greenhouse (see and it was your video that inspired me. I am especially interested in how you have automated things.

Jon Ezrine

Anonymous said...

dude, badass.... you are on crafty dude.. it almost makes you just stare and say "WOW....."

Keep up the cool inventions.. I'm sure you have a high paying job somewhere lol

DC said...

Nice work! Can you provide some details as to where to get sensor parts for temperature, sunlight, etc and maybe how to feed it back into the laptop? I would like to build a smaller scale of what you're doing.

Also, is it expensive to keep all these sensors, laptop, bridge on all the time? Maybe use propane to heat the greenhouse instead so your electric bill won't go to the next tier. Anyways, your blog is inspirational! Thanks!

DavidCary said...

Is this box really waterproof?
I see the ethernet and power cables go through a gaping hole.

Web4Deb said...

It's waterproof now! When I took the photo, it didn't have the right size fitting to fit that hole.