Sunday, November 7, 2010

The last of the great cucumbers

I picked my last cucumbers today. The official stats are:

  • 3 plants yielded 330 fruits for a total of 116.3 pounds (52.8kg)
  • First fruit was picked on May 31st, last on Nov 7th. Even though peak production was during the summer, this averages to around 2 fruits per day.

As a comparison, my regular dirt garden had 6 plants. I didn’t keep official results, I got no more than 20 fruits before the plants died off.

Overall, I was overwhelmed by this year’s results. Looking forward to next year already!

1 comment:

AKA said...

Congratulations, what a great haul!

I'd be interested to know how much fish food or other external inputs you put into the system, so we could calculate a per fish or per-unit-currency yield...

Best, AKA