Monday, August 22, 2011

3rd Party film by FairCompanies

Film maker Kirsten Dirksen produces videos on sustainability and better living and stopped by our place when she heard about the Aquaponic setup. Here's a video she put together about it.


Jose from Portugal said...

Great project, and I just learned a lot from this video. I hope to come to your blog more times in the future.

aidan said...

I have to Say I am inspired by your set up, so inspired that I have started planing my own aquaponic system here in the UK.
I have been gathering info from the net for my project and have come across conflicting views on fish to grow bed ratios which can sometime be confusing.
what are your views on this and how did you balance this in your system?

By the way I can"t wait to see the geo dome setup and running.

Aidan in the UK

Web4Deb said...

Greetings from across the pond Aidan! I'm not surprised that your getting conflicting info about the fish to plant ratio. It all varies depending on the types of plants, types of fish, and water temp. All of these can affect much the fish produce and how the plants take up the nutrients. The best answer I can give you is to experiment. Over the first year or so, you can monitor your water chemistry and adjust the number of plants you have in your system to balance out the fish.