Friday, August 22, 2008

Glazing and Finishing up

Overall, I found that the entire frame went together well. I didn't have to do any modifications to it.

Once I started to put in the glazing (plastic panels), they didn't fit great. I decided to loosen ALL the bolts in the frame so that the greenhouse could flex a bit. This worked very well. All the panels fit in very nicely. I then tightened everything back together.

A couple of months after I finished, here's the final result. I put topsoil around it and planted some grass. You'll notice that only 3 of the 4 vents are open. I've already had 2 of the openers fail from Harbor Freight and a 3rd one is barely working. Total garbage as far as I'm concerned. See my future blog for my vent fix.

I also didn't like how lose the panels were...just like most people. A few had popped up during a light windy day. I decided to put foam insulation under all the panels and screw them through the centers into the horizontal bracing. This was a VERY good investment. I bought all the foam tape (3/8" wide), piercing stainless screws and washers from cheaper than the hardware stores. I also ordered a bag of clips from Harbor. Reference mudhouse's blog on how to put the screws in.

I was lucky enough to get some patio bricks for free so I was able to line the entire floor with them...really made it nice! Also, it may help retain some heat in the winter.

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