Friday, August 22, 2008


Welcome to my blog about my harbor freight 10x12 greenhouse.

I've found a few other postings on the Net about these greenhouses. As with most people, I was skeptical about the quality of these, but with a few minor modifications (and a little blood), you can build a nice quality unit. If you're looking for some really good instructions, check out mudhouse's blog at I referenced their instructions several times during my construction.

In my blog, I think I'll step through my construction process, then outline some of the modifications I made to the structure to make it stronger, then show some of the additional features that I added.

For starters, I live in Connecticut. My goal is to be able to grow something year-round, minimizing the expense of having to heat and cool this thing. I'm sure it's a pipedream, but we'll find out how well the greenhouse keeps its heat in the winter.

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